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Gửi lúc 15:56' 23/01/2012
Pearl Island - Phu Quoc combines all the facets to become a perfect destination for MICE programs with a size of 50 – 100 participants. The water at Phu Quoc is so beautiful with many islands close to shore, white sandy beaches and clear blue water. Phu Quoc forest covers the mountainside, sloping gently and sometimes abruptly to satisfy many activities of clients.

Gửi lúc 15:53' 23/01/2012
Cat Ba territorial sea is a small corner of Ha Long bay that not many people know about. It has small beaches, which are hidden along the limestone mountain or sea tunnels that only discovered by kayak. This meeting & team building program is a combination of the convenience of new 3 – 4 star hotels and resorts with team activities in the mysterious natural island.

Gửi lúc 15:49' 23/01/2012
This is an ideal place for team bulding activities at sea such as row a raft, swim cross the sea, and go to fake war. There are many nice spaces to coordinate team building and the welcome – gala dinner such as La Gi garden-house, Ta Cu Mountain. There are many new 3-5 star-hotels that meet the high requirements for accommodation and meeting. La Gi – Ke Ga program was created by Viet Green Team and gained high marks and commendation by Binh Thuan Tourism Department on its Tourism Day...

Gửi lúc 15:46' 23/01/2012
Being named “capital of resorts”, Phan Thiet is not only a destination tour for resting, but also a destination for MICE programs. There are many choices of accommodations, restaurants, and team building programs designed by Viet Green Team. Companies are able to be tested at Ke Ga Island, (please see reference in La Gi-Ke Ga program), at lily pond in Hoa Thang, or on Hon Rom sand hill. Vietmark has built a successful night team building program using a GPS receiver together with a...

Gửi lúc 15:42' 23/01/2012
Only 120km away from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is an ideal place for meeting and team building because of the short time transportation, beautiful beach, and many large 3 star-hotels. Vietmark chose Long Son Island for a team building venue as a highlight of the Vung Tau destination.

Gửi lúc 15:23' 23/01/2012
Team Building has been a vehicle for helping individuals work better together to accomplish important results for several years. It become popular in the 1960s and continues to be used with all sorts of team. Teams as diverse as executives of an international business group, managers of an urban settement house, and a across-functional team charetered to find alternative sources of fuel use team building to help achieve their goals.

Gửi lúc 15:17' 23/01/2012
Viet Green Team Building has the professional expertise in coordinating training activities and the experience to handle even risky situations safely. Creates a safe environment that facilitates the pass down of management messages. The Viet Green Team operating principle is RIMSOF – Risk In Mind – Safe On Field. RIMSOF is incorporated in all our indoor and outdoor activities to ensure the safety and well being of the participants

Gửi lúc 15:05' 23/01/2012
When one of our products above can be beneficial to your company, Viet Green Team will work closely with you to analyze each specific need. Viet Green Team ’s experts will provide counseling for the most efficient method to implement your desired outcome and goals.

Gửi lúc 15:01' 23/01/2012
Depending on the customer needs, Viet Green Team Building will advise which product is appropriate with their objective and budget. Viet Green Team Building commits to implement and follow the objectives set forth in a detailed prearranged agreement of working requirements and situation specifics. The objectives will be met regardless of the form or location of serving. Viet Green Team Building products can be served separately or in combination with multiple messages...

Gửi lúc 14:54' 23/01/2012
Viet Green Team Building is a professional company in situation simulation of the business, managerial, and decision-making environment. Viet Green Team Building  gathers experts in training, instructing, counseling, and activities coordination as well as situation simulation. The experts used to work for and with professional organizations in the aforementioned areas. Viet Green Team Building  also incessantly receives training, instruction, and learns new methods for...

Gửi lúc 14:46' 23/01/2012
Viet Green Team Building & Game Shows is a young business enterprise established on July 2010. Its experienced founders have been working for many years in the areas of training and tourism in Vietnam. A vital part to our success is that we cooperate with human resource counseling experts, cultural-national-historical-geographical scholars, former leaders of Youth Union who specialize in outdoor activities, lecturers, and the top tour guides in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.