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Gửi lúc 04:11' 07/02/2013
Some most famous "Van Than" Noodle shops in Hanoi

Van Than noodle in Hue, Dinh Liet, Hang phen, or in Mai Hac De street with Hanoian has a lot of debate about which Van Than noodle shops do better. Do you want the answer to this question, let's try eating the noodle at each place.

No one could remember exactly when Van Than noodle appeared in Hanoi, just know that food has followed by Chinese from the 30s of last century.

Van Than noodle called his beautiful Chinese name is "Vân Thốn" - which means "swallowing cloud". The original noodle was not suitable taste of Hanoian, so for a long time this dish has much less known. Understanding that, the hanoian has skillfully processed to fit Vietnamese tastes.

 Van Than noodle

A delicious bow of Van Than noodle

Not only put a handful noodles, a few pieces of Van Than, two or three thin slices of liver, mushrooms, barbecue pork into a bowl to make it become delicious noodles.

A full bowl of noodles include noodles, Vằn Thắn (also known as Sủi Cảo). Noodle made from flour and egg, then rolled to a long and fibers, to maintain eye-catching yellow colour.

Also, the chef will add more barbecue pork, mushrooms, a slice of boiled egg, slice the ball, vegetables, shallots and fresh peeled shrimp in the noodle bow. A delicious broth from chicken bones, pork bones, dried sturgeon, some medicine and the shrimp -shell and add a little salt in the broth pot after many hours of boiling.

 Sủi Cảo, Vằn Thắn, Van Than

Van Than's centre includes fresh peeled shrimp, pork and mushrooms 

Pork, mixed with spices

Xa Xíu helps the dish more flavour

Perhaps because it's hard to be a delicious broth, so not many shops in Hanoi selling Van Than. You could lead your family or friend to taste typical dishes of in Hue, Dinh Liet, Hang phen, or in Mai Hac De street in Hanoi capital.

Tác giả: Thùy Nhi
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